The New Economy

Looking to expand your recruitment power through state of the art technology?


Is the labor shortage, booming business, and the lack of understanding of the GIG economy impacting your success in meeting the demand for employees and contractors?

To put it simply, you need to leverage the power of scale and technology to  have success with your hiring goals!  There is a need to source candidates from a limited or unlimited pool, without the additional expense, labor, and admin frustrations of managing multiple staffing agencies. Introducing TALENThire, a best of breed technology solution powered by artificial intelligence that will unleash unlimited channels to access the best candidates faster and more efficiently than ever before!

Finally, you got your chance to make a difference and grab your seat at the table! With TALENThire, you can feel confident that your sourcing needs will be met, and our dedicated support team will be there to help you every step of the way. Welcome to the future of staffing, welcome to TALENThire!

Start Filling Your Empty Job Orders Today!

The TALENThire Contingent and Direct Hire Marketplace

Dedicated Support

Working with your TALENThire marketplace manager will make every job order filled, an enjoyable experience.

Analytical Reporting

Make better hiring decisions with our unique platform analytics and reporting while leveraging the GIG economy.

Elegantly Scaleable

Designed to handle production loads for a higher volume of candidate requests, especially peak seasons.

Client Dashboard

Approve supplier provided candidates, and track the entire process from source to hire using your employer dashboard.

Simplified Billing

All time sheets, billing & invoicing are handled through our on-demand labor platform. With TALENThire you’re in control.

Quality Workforce

Our hand selected and pre-screened supplier network is motivated to help you fill your job orders fast and at the right price.


The Secret Sauce

Cutting-edge, open technologies:
Built for web and mobile using the latest releases of open, standard technologies: Linux, Angular 7, Laravel 5

  • Massive scalability:
  • We utilize Amazon’s AWS EC2 & S3 infrastructure for high availability and instant scalability
  • Easy to integrate:
  • REST API architecture allows simple integration for clients and third-party services
  • Built for security:  Data secured with FIPS-140 compliant encryption algorithms and record-level policies for tight control over data at rest and in transit
  • Powerful User (and User Friendly) Experience:
  • Different levels of permission and user rules
  • Customizable and configurable to the business needs
  • Manual input or uploaded (large volume) requisition launch capabilities
  • Drag and drop creation and distribution of requirements to the supply chain
  • White Label Capabilities
  • AI Capabilities
THE Solution!

Tap Into The Exchange Marketplace Today!

Hiring is Easy as 1,2,3

1. Post Requirement

Launch the requirement that you would like filled and choose a select number of suppliers up to an unlimited number.  Determine the fee or markup that you are seeking and be very clear to the suppliers of exactly what you are looking for.

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2. Screen

Screen the hand picked candidate pool that was submitted for your requirement and interview the appropriate ones.  Be open and transparent giving sound feedback to the suppliers on your feedback.

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3. Hire

Hire and onboard all of your selected candidates.  TALENThire handles all of the  timesheets, invoicing and billing through our on-demand labor platform. With TALENThire you’re in control.

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